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In this trend of online gaming, Cookie Clicker has gained massive popularity because of its simple and addictive gameplay. But sometimes clicking repeatedly for a long time can be very tiring and if you also feel so then this auto clicker can help you in automating the whole process.

It’s a free tool designed to generate cookies by clicking automatically on the large cookie. Not only this but you can also automate other repetitive tasks and enhance your gaming experience. In this article, I will tell you everything about this amazing app and how you can get the most out of it.

About Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is one of the most popular incremental games which was developed by Orteil. It was released in 2013 and now has gained a million users worldwide. It’s a pretty straightforward game and the main objective of the player is to collect as many cookies as they can.

To do so, they have to repeatedly click on the BIG Cookie and every click collects 1 cookie which can be used to unlock upgrades or features and you can also purchase other things such as buildings, farms, mines, cursors, etc.

As the game progresses, it becomes more hard and more challenging to generate more cookies. In that situation, you have to continue the process of collection and then reinvest them wisely to achieve your milestones.

And that’s where this auto-clicking tool comes into place so that users can collect more and more wealth without any struggle or bad gaming experience. So, let’s dive in further, reach the highest levels, and break some records.

What is Cookie Clicker Auto Clicker?

As the name suggests, Cookie Clicker Auto Clicker is a tool that helps you to automate the repetitive clicking process in the game. Using this program you can generate infinite cookies without getting tired and can perform all your tasks without putting in much effort.

By automating all these tasks, you get free time to focus on other things like making strategy, multitasking, and spending more time on making important decisions in the game. In short, this app helps you to save time and also makes your gaming experience better where manual clicking becomes tedious.

How to use Auto Clicker in Cookie Clicker?

To take benefits of using autoclicker, you need to know the exact steps of setting it up and the correct configurations. Before getting into it, make sure to check if your system meets the minimum requirements for running Cookie Clicker.

The requirements may differ for different platforms like Windows, Chromebook, Mac, Android, and iOS, so check them carefully. However, there are so many websites available from where you can download these apps but I would recommend you to get them from the trusted sites only.

  1. First step is to download the auto-clicker from here.
  2. After you have downloaded it, install the application by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Adjust the settings like Clicking interval, repetitions, duration, click type, and finally the mouse button (left, right, middle).
  4. Select the clicking position or screen location because it is really important in the Cookie Clicker game, especially for the bigger cookie.
  5. Set the hotkeys to start/stop quickly. To activate it, tap on the start button whenever you want the automated clicks to occur.

General Settings

However, there are lots of customization options available for this auto-clicking app but here I will mention the most important parameters that need to be configured for click-based games. ( You can also use them on Roblox, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Runescape, etc )

Click Rate – Most professional players adjust the clicks per second rate according to their gameplay. This helps them to maintain a perfect balance between efficiency and consumption of resources.

Click Repetition – This setting allows you to specify the repetitions of clicks which also denotes the duration of the whole automated clicking process. You can select the infinite option to get unlimited clicks or enter the exact number of repetitions.

Screen location – In incremental games, this setting can play a very important role in generating clicks at the right location. For this, you can get two options, select using X and Y coordinates and pick location by using the cursor.

Hotkeys – Not all auto clickers allow users to set hotkeys but luckily our tools have this one important feature. This option allows you to quickly activate and deactivate using which you can control the manual and automated gameplay.

Features and Benefits

With a wide range of features, this automatic clicker has great capabilities to enhance our gaming experience. But always make sure to use it wisely in places where the guidelines are pretty strict and can get your account banned.

Here are some of the essential benefits that you will be getting. And if you don’t like them, check these alternatives OP Auto Clicker and GS Auto Clicker.

Safety – Our software is totally safe to use and can be downloaded on any device without facing any malware or virus issues. Besides that, one additional anti-detection script is added to the program to ensure better security.

Multi-tasking – With this application, you can automate the process of clicking and this gives you plenty of time to do other tasks. Not only this, by using this app you can also generate more cookies in your free time with automated clicks.

Time-saving – Manually generating cookies can be very tedious over time and in that case, this tool can help you to get rid of these boring tasks. While you are busy with other tasks, this clicking app can help you to reach higher levels easily.

Gaming Experience – With automation, you can easily skip the levels in which you are stuck or not able to clear them. Moreover, you can also break some records and create new ones easily without any physical strain of constant clicking on your fingers.

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