How Do You Click Faster

If slow clicking is holding you back, then it’s time to take action. I know there are so many gamers who wish to click faster while playing games. Fortunately, there are so many hacks to counter this problem.

Like, you can buy a gaming mouse, install auto-clicking software, or practice new techniques and learn how to position your hand fast response. Besides that, there are so many questions that always revolve around and that’s why we have brought this article to clarify some of the most common queries.

How Do You Click Faster?

If you want to click faster with a normal mouse, then start practicing the clicking techniques that we have mentioned below for faster clicks.

  • Practice Jitter click and butterfly click.
  • Use a mouse instead of a trackpad.
  • Use hotkeys or shortcut keys to access quickly.

In short, Jitter Clicking is a technique in which you use your hand or finger vibrations to generate a large number of mouse clicks in seconds. It involves both arm and wrist muscles in a quick sequence which results in a fast-clicking rhythm.

Whereas, Butter Clicking is a technique in which you place your index and middle fingers on the mouse buttons and then start doing alternate clicking. It helps you to click faster because you are using both fingers simultaneously.

But if you have some physical limitations and are unable to click the buttons then check the next part where we have discussed tools that may help you to get clicks without a mouse at a faster rate.

Which Auto Clicker is the Fastest?

Although, there are plenty of auto-clickers available but the fastest ones are GT Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker, followed by OP Auto Clicker. With features like customizable hotkeys, adjustable click intervals, click repeat and it can produce an unlimited number of clicks.

Unlike other tools, they have an anti-detection script that allows you to remain undetected while clicking automatically. And that’s why there are plenty of gamers who love using this app for different games but we recommend it more as a Minecraft auto clicker.

How Do I Know My CPS (Click Per Second)?

To know your CPS, just you have to do a calculation by dividing the total number of clicks done in a specific time frame. If this calculation seems tough, then you can use various CPS tools like to estimate your clicking speed.

Typically, they are also known as clicking test tools which have a setting of a time limit and can record your clicks per second during that period. Additionally, if you test GT after setting the lowest value in the milliseconds parameter then it will show you around 55 clicks per second.

Wrapping Up

All in all, fast clicking is super easy if you know the right techniques or tools for specific tasks. By practicing all the techniques such as jitter and butterfly, you can improve your speed to a great extent.

But if you want to further accelerate, then you have to rely on these auto clicking programs which are available for all devices such as Chromebook, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Mobile.

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